The Importance of a Waterproofing Membrane When Renovating Your Kitchen

Choosing to renovate your kitchen can be both exciting and perhaps a bit stressful, depending on how extensive the renovation is and what is needed to make the renovation successful, to say nothing of adhering to building codes and permits.

But regardless of the type of renovations being done, it’s important to have a waterproofing membrane installed. If this isn’t done, then you could have problems with any water being splashed onto the floor or against any backsplashes you wish to have installed, damaging what’s behind or underneath the tile. Waterproofing membranes are just one of many professional techniques that will, in the long run, save you time and money.

DIY vs Pro Service

Now, you might be wondering if this kind of renovation can be done by yourself or with friends, to make the work a bit lighter. You could, but if you’re not familiar with building codes, and other legal requirements, you could be in for a heap of trouble. Also, if you’re not entirely sure what kind of waterproofing membrane to use and end up purchasing inferior-quality waterproofing, that’s also problematic.

By acknowledging that you might be in over your head, it’s then you’ll recognise the importance of a professional service to help you tackle the hard work of getting your kitchen just right.

What Does Waterproofing Do?

Waterproofing membranes, particularly for tile floors, essentially keep water from leaking down beneath the tiles and damaging any materials underneath, to say nothing of leaking down to a cellar area, if you live in a house, as opposed to a flat. A professionally installed membrane is a must if you want to prevent any kind of water damage.

There are various kinds of waterproofing for various aspects of construction. For interior waterproofing, such as your kitchen, you’re likely going to see us install either a paint-like substance or perhaps a trimmable material that can be cut to fit odd corners. Most professional companies usually assess the type of waterproofing needed based on what you wish, and include that in the basic quote.

Experience Pays Off

While DIY projects are fun for most, it pays to have an experienced team of professionals handling everything, and they’ll usually know precisely what kind of waterproofing membrane to use, depending on the type of flooring you desire. Also, a responsible contractor or construction company is going to give you a reasonable estimate without shortchanging themselves. Shop around until you get quotes that not only fit your budget but will deliver the professional results you need for your kitchen.

You might think that it’s too expensive to hire a professional service to renovate your kitchen, but think about how much more expensive it would be for you to go it alone, both in time, energy, or even lack of experience. After all, if you’re busy working a usual 9-5 job, you’re likely going to want the weekends to relax and not have to worry about tackling the big mess that renovating a kitchen entails.

A professional kitchen renovation will include the right kind of waterproofing membrane so you don’t have to worry about another large kitchen re-do later on.

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