Two Important Layers You Don’t See When Renovating Your Kitchen

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are probably two of the most challenging types to take on, budget-wise, to say nothing of style, as well as ease of maintenance. Modern renovations often involve current techniques, particularly two specific layers that people don’t often think about or see, but end up going ahead with because they want a certain look that requires a certain construction method.

What are these unseen layers ? We’re glad you asked.

Layer 1

The first layer that’s usually unseen is the underfloor heating. This is a growing trend that’s understandably popular, especially since many people like the look of stone, ceramic or even hardwood floors in their kitchen, but don’t want their floors to be cold, which they’re likely to be in a northern climate.

Also, underfloor heating is popular because it’s both environmentally friendly and budget-friendly, especially if you use a ‘wet’ heating system with a boiler that doesn’t pull on the grid as much and therefore reduces your carbon footprint, as opposed to an electric system that will pull on the grid and cost you a bit extra, which will rather cancel out any carbon-footprint reduction.

Secondly, underfloor heating is helpful because it allows you to get rid of your radiators,  freeing up precious space. Also, hot ovens are worrisome enough if you have curious little ones underfoot. Radiators near or in the kitchen amp up the worry. Install under-floor heating, remove the radiators and reduce the potential for bad burns.

 Layer 2

The other important layer you don’t see during kitchen renovations is waterproofing. You might not think so, but waterproofing your kitchen can help reduce or even eliminate water damage, moulds (black and green moulds can make you very ill) and other problems that occur if waterproofing is not in place.

It’s best if you have a tile or linoleum floor under which any waterproofing membrane will go. Wood floors, though elegant-looking, are not good for kitchens. There’s too much risk of warping and other water-related problems—including mould–even if you have waterproofing installed.

Granted, there are many websites out there that sell waterproofing membranes for DIY projects, but if you want a professional job done, call us instead. We do all the work so you don’t have to, and when the job is completed, you’ll know that it’s top-notch work.

Having your kitchen renovated can be both challenging as well as thrilling, and you’ll have two unseen layers underneath your kitchen floor hard at work. One layer heats your floor, and the other protects it. Both are professionally installed, so you can enjoy your new kitchen with a peace of mind you didn’t have before.

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