Transform Your Place Into Something New With a Professional Conversion Service

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘renovation?’ Do you think about merely updating the existing space by adding new paint, carpet, lighting, or even technologies such as turning your house into a ‘smart home’ that you run from your tablet or phone? Or do you picture a more extreme project from one end of your house to the other?

Perhaps, instead, you’re looking at a process that is more ‘middle-of-the-road,’ and you’re going with the decision of turning a space previously used for one function into a room meant for an entirely different activity. This is simply called a ‘conversion,’ and it may sound fairly straightforward, but like any other home project we do for our clients, we make sure and book a consultation with you. This ensures that you get precisely what you want, or even suggest something that will work better for what your space will allow, yet will give you the function you want.

Ideas For Conversion

If you’ve never taken such a project on board before, and might be wondering what, in your home, could be transformed, here are some ideas you might consider:

·         Turning an upstairs area with at least three rooms into a flat suitable for bringing in extra income through letting. Or perhaps it will simply be a multi-suite area your university-age kids can stay in whilst home on holiday, giving them the space and privacy they want, without them spending their own money.

·         Taking a cellar and making it live-able as a game room, den, sleeping space or office.

·         Transforming an attic or other ‘loft’-like space into a fabulous, spacious room for an older child who’s craving private space.

These are just some ideas, but they will surely get your own creativity wheels turning. Again, we do provide consultations, and we listen to what you have in mind, letting you know what might be possible.

Types of Conversion Services

Depending on the project, we provide a number of services within the conversion process. These include:

·         Demolition and reconstruction

·         Lighting

·         Screed

·         Flooring

·         Painting & plaster

·         Furniture installation

If you’ve never had any kind of renovation or conversion work done on any previous home you’ve lived in, you might be surprised about our inclusion of ‘furniture installation’ among our services. This saves you the time and expense of paying someone other than our company to assist with tasks that you might be unable to complete.

Why Do a Conversion?

You might be wondering about the purpose of a conversion, when simply adding on another room would work just as well. Believe it or not, conversion work will take less time, and it saves quite a bit of money, to say nothing of the potential for the process being more environmentally friendly in many ways.

So, do keep conversion at the top of your list of options for changing up your space and giving at least one area of your home a brand-new look and purpose.


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