The Importance of A Good Finishing To Your Renovation Project

As a kitchen or bath renovation nears completion, it’s likely you’ll experience a sense of relief that the job is almost done. After all, no matter how much you needed—and wanted—the renovation, it’s still something of a disruption to your daily life, especially if you’ve just got one bathroom, and your kitchen is truly the heart of everything your family does.

Because we recognise your position, we also recognise the importance of a good and proper finish to a renovation project, which includes a strong attention to details.

What Do We Mean By ‘Attention To Details?’

As the project wraps up, there are specific things we want to be sure and complete before we leave your property for good:

  • Properly fitted counters, cabinets, shower doors etc. This may seem more like a big deal than a small detail, but this is part of one of the last few steps of a renovation, and it’s called ‘the second fix.’ We want to be sure everything is done right.
  • A first proper clean-up, plus tiling, before painting & staining. If part of a kitchen renovation includes the sanding, varnishing or painting of free-standing tables, etc, then it’s important to make sure as much dust is cleaned up as possible after the second fix. If there is still tiling to be done either during a kitchen or bathroom renovation, this is the time to get that finished up before things like sinks get put in, and so decorators can follow behind each group of tradesmen on each floor. After all décor is complete, soft coverings such as carpets can be laid, and the stove, hob, washing mashine and refrigerator can be put in at last.
  • Last clean-up. This is the very last tidy-up of our mess before we leave and you move back into your redone space. Stray plaster, dust plus materials, packaging, windows and so on, are cleaned up thoroughly, and any curtain-hanging that’s required is completed.

It’s a responsible contractor that pays attention to the final details so that you are satisfied with the completed work. You also deserve to have a finished, tidied space so that you are not the one who has to deal with any mess the subcontractors leave behind. You also deserve to have any minor issues repaired over the following months, should they crop up.

From start to finish, a kitchen and bathroom renovation job requires the highest level of professional service that’s possible to give. They say ‘the devil is in the details,’ and the adage couldn’t be more correct when it comes to ensuring that you, our client, are happy with how we’ve assisted you. You ultimately deserve to be absolutely in love with your new kitchen or bathroom, and we’re proud to have been the professionals you turned to.

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