How Often You Should Wash Your House Curtains

Spring and summer are often the best times for cleaning house. You can open the windows and allow fresh air to circulate through your house or flat. Plus, you can take down your curtains and give them a good cleaning. Hanging them out on a clothesline, if you can, helps make your curtains smell truly wonderful.

The question remains for many, however, is this: how often should curtain-cleaning be done?

The short answer is usually ‘as needed,’ but this may be too vague for some. Here are some tips to ensure your curtains are as clean as possible, as often as possible.

Frequency Sometimes Depends On Health Needs

If you’re in a house or flat with lots of fabric and fibres, such as carpeting, throw rugs and of course, window curtains, and you’re allergic to a lot of indoor airborne particles, it’s usually wise to make sure your curtains are washed as frequently as possible to avoid dust and allergies.

This frequency can range anywhere from once a month at least, to perhaps every other week. Of course, the type and size of curtains you have can dictate how often you clean them, and whether you take them into a professional, as dry cleaning and other professional services can be pricey.

But if you’ve an allergy sufferer or two in the household, professional services may be a boon to your cleaning routine, especially if your washer isn’t big enough for your largest drapes.

Frequency Can Depend On Location and Season

Even if you or your loved ones don’t have allergy problems, frequent cleaning can still keep dust and mould down to a bare minimum. Mould itself in the winter is a danger, especially black mould, which, if allowed to build up, can not only ruin curtains, but make anyone quite ill. Mould can also trigger allergy issues in those who already have problems.

If you live by the sea, you’ll want to make sure and clean your curtains frequently. The smell of salty air can be refreshing, as can seaside views, but salt is no friend to curtain fibres or window panes. Because salty air can be damaging, you’ll want hard-wearing curtains so that they’ll last through many washings.

If You or Housemates Smoke

Because smoking is a fairly common habit, the stale smoke smell, plus fabric discolouration, tends to accumulate the more cigarette smoke particles and odours build up unchecked.

If you smoke, or a housemate does, and you want your curtains to look and smell as fresh as possible, make sure you let in plenty of fresh air and clean your curtains at least once every month, if not more.

Kitchen Curtains Need Attention, Too

Most people chiefly think about their bedroom or living room drapes, concerning the curtain cleaning routine. But when you think about the grease that collects on curtains that just happen to hang by the hob or oven, and all the dust that can collect on top of that grease, you just might want to make sure that your kitchen curtains receive some proper TLC as well.

How frequently you wash kitchen curtains can depend on how often you use the hob for various frying jobs. If it’s more than three times a week, you might want to clean your curtains once a month at least.

No matter what season it is, or whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, cleaning your curtains regularly can not only make your house smell nice and fresh, but everyone’s health will also be kept top of mind.

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